Instead, I remembered – if I’m honest, some days more successfully than others – that God/Good is all there is. Acknowledge that God/Good is the source and condition of everything and remember that there is no thing outside of God/Good. This is the foundational metaphysical premise of what follows in the Bible. I’ve found that the more I am resisting something, the more I’m stuck, consciously or unconsciously, believing there is more than One thing going on, that there is something outside of the Allness of Good. I do not live in Australia. The way it looked at the time of all of their demonstrations at military funerals wasn’t the Reality that was coming into view. This is a key go-to for me whenever I start to spin about something going on in my world or the world around me. When I was a kid, I was a bit of a nerd. This is the foundational metaphysical premise of what follows in the Bible. Through metaphysical interpretation, the Bible comes alive for us. African American Leaders in Unity to 1989, Steps to annotate the Fillmore Study Bible. Moment by moment, you’re either rejecting or embracing infinity. With the second part of this verse, the writer covers all the bases, so to speak. Practicing metaphysical interpretation of Biblical scripture is a great way to deepen your own experience as you walk the path of Truth. The only nemesis in my experience – ever – is a belief that something or someone can exist outside of the Allness of Good. Home. Not as a punishment, not because you’re “bad” or doing something “wrong.” It persists as an invitation – a knock on the door – to remind you who you really are. That’s often enough to create space for a shift in your experience. We use cookies to offer you a better browsing experience, analyze site traffic, personalize content, and enable social media features. JAN 6. Please register for each Sunday that you want to attend and the Zoom meeting link will be emailed to you. I don’t need to blame myself for holding “false” or limiting beliefs. No_Favorite. These products listed above and in my shop are affiliate links, so if you purchase anything through one of my links you’ll pay the normal price and I will earn a small commission. metaphysical bible lessons provides a comprehensive and comprehensive pathway for students to see progress after the end of each module. I’ve found that the only reason I can ever have for being resistant to any experience is a belief that there is more than one thing going on, that something exists separate and apart from the Allness of Good. You don’t have to tell anyone this is what you’re doing. Go here to see the team of people who transcribed these Bible lessons. And perhaps it’s easiest to explain these two verses by breaking them down a bit. It’s as if they’re knocking at the door of my awareness demanding to be recognized as what they really are – expressions of the infinity of Good the best way that I can see them through the filters of my beliefs, opinions, and concepts about good. Though I couldn’t have articulated it this way at the time, these stories provided a framework for how I came to believe that something good could come out of even the most difficult of experiences. While it is true that the Bible was primarily written as a religious text, from my own work as a spiritual teacher and clairvoyant, the Bible is essential because it represents the foundation of the metaphysical work I have been teaching my entire career. JAN 13. Your purchase will be completed on Please note that Zazzle regularly offers sales and promotions of anywhere from 15% to 50%, so once you’re on the Zazzle site, look on the upper right of the page for the current code and be sure to enter it on the checkout page to claim your discount! As you do this, you will have an intuitive awareness of the best course of action in any situation. “He has brought along allies who are horrified by the hate. Acknowledging this takes me out of duality and gets me back to center. The first chapter of Genesis is, perhaps, the best known of the Bible. 1:2 And the earth was waste and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep: and the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters 1:3 And God said, Let there be light: and there was light. Can I really apply any of it to my day-to-day?” My answer is an absolute, unqualified yes! The gift in your problems is the opportunity they provide to revisit your beliefs and adjust your perspective. This might seem a bit esoteric, so let me illustrate with a real world example. I’m ignoring some aspect of my wholeness. Bible; Christianity Their malicious protests at military funerals, without any concern for grieving families,  were beyond the pale. Unless I am consciously doing that, my beliefs and opinions (i.e., my own understanding) will have me thinking that I’m experiencing something separate and apart from Good. As I read this article, I remember thinking it was tangible evidence of Proverbs 3:5-6. I tried to wrap my head around the whole idea of Jonah being swallowed by a whale. Step 3: Quit Trying to “Fix It” – It’s Not Broken! The simplest translation is this – quit thinking that you (as a person) have it all figured out! By closing this banner, scrolling this page, clicking a link or continuing to browse this site, you confirm your consent to our Privacy and Cookies Policy. You cause your own problems when you try to rein in infinity, to keep it from its infinite expression by saying it’s only good if it looks a certain way. But their interpretation is orthodox and does not include metaphysical Bible interpretation. What you resist, persists. There are many excellent one's available today: Harper Study Bible, Oxford Annotated, Interpreter's Bible (selected by Unity Institute). I’m by no means a Bible scholar and, as I’ve explored the text more deeply, I have come to recognize that the Bible is not a literal history but a collection of writings describing the evolution of our collective understanding of God and Man. It represents the spiritual and creative efforts of many people over many centuries. A great example of not leaning unto my own understanding is the Kansas-based Westboro Baptist Church, whose virulent anti-gay campaign I personally found repugnant. Bible Study. “The world lost someone who did a whole lot more for the LGBT community than we realize or understand,” said Cathy Renna, a longtime consultant to LGBT groups. Among my favorite stories to read were those of the prophets. This study group is offered online through Zoom. Remembering that always makes me wonder about all of the other things that triggered me in the past and what unacknowledged Good was in those experiences. As most people are aware, it describes the “days of creation.” In thirty-one verses, the genesis of everything – from heaven and earth, to light (awareness) and dark (unacknowledged awareness), to the earth and seas, to every plant and creature on the earth, to Man is described. With the second part of this verse, the writer covers all the bases, so to … We are are not bible students, rather we Here’s the key thing I’ve realized…I don’t need to take action to try to “fix” my beliefs. And through that filter pops out a label that we attach to the experience. deconstruct various Bible verses from a metaphysical perspective, Step 2: Remember That Good Can Never Be Absent. Hosted by. What’s the belief that has you separating whatever the situation is from All Good? Home; Google Custom Search; About TruthUnity; Stay in touch; Faith. The Metaphysical Bible Interpretation Group joins together to discover the deeper spiritual meaning found in the mindful interpretation of biblical scripture, and to discuss how it applies to everyday life. The key is to stop trying to limit infinity to whatever your beliefs and concepts are about it. Awareness, practice and commitment to the Fillmore teachings. Metaphysical Bible Study is a particular intuitive process that uses the underlying essence of biblical stories – the symbolism, allegory and parable – to help us achieve self-discovery and spiritual growth. Power Talks is highly spiritual and motivational. Metaphysical Bible Dictionary Charles Fillmore Item Preview remove-circle Share or Embed This Item. View Event . Unity’s metaphysical approach to Bible study helps us to see every person, place, thing, and event in Scripture as an element of our own consciousness. This is where not leaning on your own understanding is so important. Metaphysical Bible Study?” • A commitment to explore Acts to Revelation with enough focus so that a comprehensive picture is expressed in consciousness. I just have to acknowledge that Good can never be absent, and this – whatever is showing up in my experience that has me off-kilter – is the best way that I can see it in the moment. Just let it look the way it looks, without resistance, without wanting the way it looks to be different. No prior knowledge of the Bible is required…only an openness to learning how to interpret this great Sacred Work for yourself. Whenever I’m trying to fix or get rid of something, it’s a sure sign I’m believing there is something other than God/Good going on. Truth is revealed (as my understanding) when I stop trying to figure it out, because in my “figuring out” I’m likely over complicating. Marrying Genesis 1 and John 1:3 yields “God made all that was made and all that God made is Good. Cheers and THANK YOU !!! You’re always working through your limited sense or viewpoint of the Allness of Good. © 2014-2020 Sumaiya Wood. Metaphysical Cosmology is the branch of metaphysics that deals with the origin and development of the universe. The Fillmore Study Bible is just that—a Bible with notes and study helps embedded along side of the text, which provides students an easy way to understand the essential metaphysical truths that Charles Fillmore and his students found in scripture. Wed 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM. Metaphysical Bible Study, Tuesday, September 1, 11:30am CT! This course looks at the familiar stories in the Bible and interprets them in a different way – not as literal truth, or religious dogma, but as stories with profound metaphysical and spiritual meanings. It quickly became obvious to me that taking much of it literally was contrary to the spirit of the stories that had captivated me as a child. Wed 6:30 PM. And lean not unto thine own understanding. Our intention is to provide an online study Bible, offering a combination of current Biblical scholarship and thoughtful, relevant and spiritually enhancing metaphysical Bible interpretation. Something was clearly going on beneath the surface that I had not previously opened my awareness to. In case the Bible reader forgets the message of Genesis 1, the first part of John 1:3 reinforces the point – all things were made by God. Students will submit their work via email. I can only ever be a victim of my own limited understanding of the things that I’ve placed outside the Allness of Good. There was nothing made which God did not make.”. It doesn’t matter the situation. I never said I was normal! The only way to move beyond whatever it is is to stop resisting, to recognize that there’s nothing outside of the allness of Good. Try looking at it using the ideas presented here. So don’t assume that the way you see (i.e., interpret) things is the Reality of them. CST. When you lean on your own understanding, you’ll just make stuff up about whatever you believe is going on. You might be asking “why does any of this matter? You just have to be willing to give up your opinions about what things should look like and be open to an expanded sense of Good.