The most comprehensive list of Half Ironman, 70.3 and Middle Distance Triathlons in 2021 - 2022. The most comprehensive list of Triathlons in 2021 - 2022. Pretty minimal. Olympic tri, half/full Ironman, ultra-marathons. The Half Ironman triathlon is the perfect distance for any triathlete looking to step up to middle distance triathlons. UK Triathlon 2021 Events Listing Whether you are a seasoned athlete, a novice or fundraiser, we offer events to suit all ages and abilities from kids to adults. 25 June 2017. Yes, send me your email newsletter with news of the best events in the UK, discounted entries to races and chances to win loads of lovely kit. Ironman Weymouth, UK 70.3 2021 - 21 week plan by Craig Zelent. Ironman UK (14th July) When even an Olympic triathlon or a half Ironman just isn’t enough anymore, it’s time to take on the big one. There are two official Ironman 70.3 events in the UK, in Weymouth and Staffordshire, where it is possible to qualify for the annual Ironman 70.3 World Championships. ... Testimonials: I used the Ironman Lake Placid plan written by Craig. Learn how to enter, read reviews, get exclusive discounts, see photos, course maps, and results. Probably the fastest 'half iron distance' in the country Weymouth 70.3 and Hever Castle Triathlon are two famous examples. Here at OSB Events, we're proud to say we put the participant experience at the heart of everything we do. Ironman 70.3 history. January 2021 Half Ironman Races in the USA on Apr 1, 2019 - Calendar Calendar view listing counts of race events for each day of the month. Set in the breathtaking Brecon Beacons, the course takes you through forests, over streams, past waterfalls and up mountains. A full Ironman consists of a … I started training for an Ironman over 9 months ago, going from a middle aged fat father to attempting my first ever Triathlon - never mind Ironman. Sign up and start training today! City Location details update save claim. Join 2,000 others at this Ironman Triathlon rated 4.3 of 5 in Bolton, UK. You need to be a member of Find a Race to send us your photo and be in with a chance of winning all these goodies! The race consists of a 1.9k (1.2-mile) swim, 90k (56-mile) cycle and a 21.1k run (13.1-mile/half-marathon): the total distance is 113k or 70.3 miles, hence the name. Discover over 100+ UK 70.3 Half Ironman Triathlons. It’s really hard to say how long these events should take an athlete to complete. I’ve never been so thirsty in my life. Patriot Half New England’s favorite half distance triathlon! June A stalwart on the calendar that’s enticing for middle-distance newcomers and PB-hunters. The Half Iron finishes with a two loop 21 Km run through quiet residential and along the banks of the Okanagan River. Registration for the 2021 Patriot Half on Saturday, 6/19/21 is now open. Usually involving a 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike and 13.1 mile run, find half Ironman triathlons near you in August 2021 plus tips and advice to get you started. The Mere, Cremorne Gardens, Ellesmere, Shropshire, The Blue Lagoon, Womersley, North Yorkshire. We’ve put together a list of the essentials to get you going. The oldest half-iron-distance race, though not under the WTC umbrella at the time, is the Superfrog Triathlon, which began in 1979. The Ironman UK and Ironman Wales events both host the shorter 70.3 format but there are plenty of flagship events for the Middle Distance Triathlon. Completing 70.3 miles (or 113 kms if you are that way inclined) of swimming, cycling and running is certainly no mean feat. Chula Vista Challenge Half Triathlon. Aug 9, 2020. To get yourself to the level of fitness required to finish one of these events we’d recommend you train for around three months. Find your perfect race! is here to help you get that focus. Usually involving a 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike and 13.1 mile run, find half Ironman triathlons in South East in August 2021 plus tips and advice to get you started. The first Half Ironman branded race was Half Ironman UK, which was raced in 2001. Ahead of any race, be sure to read up on the requirements for essential equipment. The Half Ironman (aka Middle Distance or 70.3) is a real test, but definitely achievable for those willing to put in two to three months of consistent training in advance. Sign up here. Jun 27, 2021 Jun 26, 2021 Patriots Sep 11, 2021 Sep 12, 2021 Sep 10, 2021 Cambridge, MD Ironman 70.3 EagleMan Jun 13, 2021 ... ironman, half triathlon Race Web Page Heber, UT. Ironman 70.3 UK Exmoor. Together these will form Ireland’s biggest triathlon weekend, which also includes an IRONKIDS® event on Friday, August 13. 03.02.2021. Southport Half Marathon, TBC; Trail Running. THE UK’S MOST BEAUTIFUL TRIATHLON . Oamaru TRIATHLON, DUATHLONS & FUN RUN SERIES 2021. ENTER 2021 EVENTS NOW . At one end of the spectrum, you have the professionals who will finish these events in or around the four hour mark. However, prior to the launch of the 70.3 series in 2005, races were then known as Half Ironman before adopting the Ironman 70.3 label. 140.6 mi • 111.8 mi • 76.9 mi • 75.6 mi • 70.2 mi • 55.9 mi • 50.0 mi • 38.5 mi • 37.0 mi • 26.2 mi • 15.4 mi • 13.1 mi • 7.4 mi, 70.2 mi • 35.0 mi • 32.0 mi • 30.3 mi • 26.2 mi • 25.8 mi • 18.6 mi • 16.0 mi • 15.2 mi • 13.1 mi • 12.9 mi • 10.7 mi • 7.1 mi • 7.0 mi • 6.2 mi • 3.9 mi • 3.6 mi • 3.5 mi • 3.1 mi • 1.6 mi • 1.0 mi, 73.1 mi • 41.6 mi • 39.1 mi • 17.6 mi • 16.5 mi, 70.2 mi • 38.5 mi • 35.1 mi • 34.1 mi • 26.2 mi • 17.9 mi • 17.1 mi • 17.0 mi • 13.1 mi • 12.9 mi • 9.4 mi • 6.8 mi • 6.2 mi • 5.5 mi • 4.2 mi • 3.7 mi • 3.6 mi • 3.4 mi • 3.1 mi • 1.6 mi • 1.0 mi, 73.9 mi • 36.7 mi • 34.5 mi • 32.8 mi • 28.3 mi • 26.2 mi • 18.3 mi • 17.2 mi • 16.4 mi • 14.1 mi • 13.1 mi • 10.4 mi • 7.1 mi • 6.9 mi • 6.8 mi • 6.2 mi • 4.2 mi • 3.8 mi • 3.7 mi • 3.6 mi • 3.1 mi • 1.6 mi • 1.0 mi, 71.3 mi • 61.4 mi • 45.9 mi • 43.5 mi • 18.9 mi • 18.1 mi, 71.5 mi • 50.8 mi • 49.2 mi • 24.5 mi • 23.5 mi, 67.1 mi • 67.0 mi • 49.6 mi • 42.9 mi • 41.3 mi • 34.5 mi • 23.3 mi • 22.2 mi • 19.1 mi • 13.1 mi • 6.2 mi • 3.1 mi • 1.9 mi • 0.9 mi • 0.5 mi, 68.7 mi • 66.8 mi • 54.4 mi • 32.3 mi • 30.1 mi • 23.9 mi • 21.4 mi • 18.8 mi • 15.7 mi • 1.9 mi • 0.9 mi • 0.5 mi, The Festival of Endurance at Hever Castle, Hever Castle Triathlon and Sport Festival, The SportPursuit Slateman10 Triathlon & Duathlon. Used by tens of thousands of triathletes the Find a Race event calendar lists Half Ironman, 70.3 and iron distance races around the UK and across the world. The original 2020 date (7th June) had already been cancelled, but confirmation here from the UK IRONMAN team that – in line with Bolton and Cork – IRONMAN 70.3 Staffordshire will return in 2021, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This is no ordinary marathon. Sign up for Ironman UK on Saturday 03 Jul 2021. Length. 07.02.2021. Finding a virtual activity is now easier!. In total, this adds up to a distance of 70.3km (hence the name), which is exactly half the distance of a full Ironman. Wimbleball, Somerset. When I did the Half Ironman, I crossed the line and I was so desperate for water. Midnight Mountain Marathon . Already have an account then get logged in, alternativly sign up now, it only takes 30 seconds. I started to document it by way of a vlog but then the good old COVID hit which halted all races in the UK. Author. Looking for something smaller? 15. The Kinloch Triathlon Festival 2021 - Presented by Tri-Sport Taupo. To find out more about how we can spread the word about your next event, drop us a line: Sign up to receive our monthly email newsletter. Lakeland Loop, 11th April 2021; Lowther Castle Eden Valley Epic, 26th September 2021; Cumbrian Cracker, 21st November 2021; Road Running. Keep me up to date with the latest from findarace and industry news. But a lot of the time required can be down to the course itself, some are very flat and fast and others pride themselves on being more rugged and challenging. Jul 10, 2019 - Explore Duane Benatar's board "Ironman triathlon tattoo" on Pinterest. Long enough to be a true test of endurance and mental strength but achievable for anyone willing to put in the hours over a few months. Then take a look at the UK Ultimate 1/4 Triathlon. This website is powered by SportsEngine's Sports Relationship Management (SRM) software, but is owned by and subject to the IRONMAN privacy policy. More Info. This race is known for its iconic spectator support, incredible North West English bike course scenery, and impressive finish line in the heart of the town centre. Some events won’t let you compete if you don’t have the right gear. Sign up and start training today! More Info. 21 Weeks. AWARD-WINNING EVENTS. A 70.3 includes a 1.9K swim, 90K bike and 21.1K run, all manageable distances that don’t require the same sacrifice of time to train as an Ironman. We’ve put together a Middle Distance training plan to help you on your way. With a clear goal, anything is possible. IRONMAN Group and Cork County Council have announced the addition of IRONMAN® 70.3® Ireland, Cork, on August 14, 2021 to the already scheduled and existing IRONMAN Ireland – Cork event of August 15, 2021. The Half Ironman (aka Middle Distance or 70.3) is a real test, but definitely achievable for those willing to put in two to three months of consistent training in advance. Check out our comprehensive 2021 - 2022 middle distance triathlon race calendar below: and use the “Refine” button to find your perfect race... and once you've recovered, don't forget to come back and check out our calendar of Full Ironman Triathlons :-), © 2021 Ltd | Privacy | T&Cs | GDPR. A very impressive time for completing a 70.3 triathlon would be under 6 hours, and elite competitors even go under 4 hours! See more ideas about triathlon tattoo, ironman triathlon tattoo, ironman triathlon. No Ratings. Let us know the name and we'll add it as fast as possible.We're talking Usain Bolt fast. 14.02.2021. There are lots of virtual options to keep you active and engaged — just select “Virtual Activities” as your location, and you’re ready to go. One of the toughest 70.3 races on the circuit due to the lumpy Exmoor hills bike course. Don’t forget to taper as you’ll want your energy reserves to be full. The distance of each stage is exactly half that of a Full Ironman event, which has a total distance of 140.6 miles (226.2k). Not as long as an Ironman, but not as short as an Olympic triathlon, the half-Ironman distance (70.3) is a popular race for amateurs and professionals. Why Outlaw? A very good time for an amateur athlete would be five to six hours for males and six to seven for females. Long form triathlons have been gaining in popularity in recent years and the number of events has swollen. Bala, Gwynedd. These events are a real test of your grit, but if you’ve finished one already and are looking for your next challenge then maybe you should try your hand at the Full Distance Triathlon. The Half Ironman, also known as the Middle Distance Triathlon or 70.3, consists of a 1.2 mile (1.9k) swim, 56 mile (90k) bike, and 13.1 mile (21.2k) run. THE UK’S FAVOURITE LONG DISTANCE TRIATHLON SERIES. The half Ironman is becoming a more and more popular distance, as triathletes want to push themselves beyond the standard Olympic distance, but aren't yet ready for the full Ironman distance. The distances available are Quarter, Half and Full. Dubbed one of the UK's friendliest towns, Bolton is the home of England's only full-distance IRONMAN. More Info. An Ironman Triathlon, possibly the most famous race, is a 3.9km swim, a 180km ride and a 42.2km run. Are you an event Organiser? This fast course has seen professional triathletes, Michellie Jones, Tom Evans, Linsey Corbin, Matt Seeley, Karen Thibodeau, Nathan Champness, Elmar Heger and 2X Ironman World Champion, Lori Bowden. Date: 04.07.21 Location: Holkham Hall, Norfolk Distances: 1.2m Swim, 56m Bike, 13.1m Run Set in the vast, stunning grounds of the historic Holkham Estate, Outlaw Half Holkham is without doubt one of the UK’s most beautiful triathlon events. I made 3 videos and got quite a … Triathlon is one of the fastest-growing sports out there and this is the perfect place to sign up for triathlon races and events near you. Tri NZ Suzuki Sprint Distance Triathlon South Island Championship. Enter here. IRONMAN 70.3 New Zealand is staged alongside the IRONMAN New Zealand in Taupō on Saturday, 6 March 2021.. Great Lake Taupō, home to the Kellogg's Nutri-Grain IRONMAN 70.3 New Zealand, is a popular tourist destination, boasting the largest freshwater lake in Australasia and mountains made internationally famous after being featured in the Lord of The Rings trilogy. About Half Ironman Triathlons in the UK. Exercise & Races Cancelled. Craig Zelent. Recommended UK 70.3 races Bala Middle. This plan is perfect for the 1st time Half Ironman (70.3) competitor. Discover why thousands have chosen the award-winning Patriot Half as their first half distance triathlon… and hundreds come back year after year. There is also a Half Ironman distance or even the "sprint," or mini-triathlons, which are still tough races, requiring a 0.8km swim, 24km ride and 5km run. Grizedale Forest Half & Full Trail Marathon, 2021 Date TBC; Howgills Marathon, Half Marathon & 10k, 9th May 2021; Trail 20 & 10 Ullswater Way, June 5th 2021 COVID 19 - Latest. Olympic tri: One bottle of sports drink and one or two gels. Discover, compare and book 500+ Triathlon Events across the UK, including Super Sprint, Sprint, Olympic, Half Ironman & Ironman Triathlons. The UK Ultimate 1/2 Triathlon is our demanding and much sought after 'half iron distance' event and returning yet again to the beautiful Alderford Lake venue in Whitchurch, Shropshire on the 6th June 2021. April 10th 2021. Alistair Brownlee aims to go 'Sub-7' in 'Ironman' triathlon Brownlee would have to take an astonishing 35 minutes off the current world record, an achievement akin … Any middle distance triathlon is a gruelling challenge but finding it shouldn’t be so whether you are after a small local race or an international triathlon event, you will find it on Find a Race. Broken bones ended Tauranga Half Ironman race 25 Jan, 2021 07:43 PM Shane Lye broke his pelvis, clavicle, and 7 ribs after coming off his bike in the Tauranga Half Ironman at the weekend. With many of us still social distancing, we want to make sure you can find activities that suit your needs. A wetsuit requirement is certainly something to look out for, and the norm in the UK because of our cold waters. Events at this distance can vary according to weather conditions or the difficulty of the terrain, but in general the cut off time for half-ironman distance triathlons is 8 and a half hours after the start.