04.Mar.2020 - syllabus photo, syllabus videos, syllabus download. We call it a left side pass because she passes by my left side, but she does not go underneath an arm. Sale! 1. Add to cart. Box Step. It rotates in a small stationary space on the dance floor. This syllabus is associated with the following syllabi: Country-Western Dance Vision Silver East Coast Swing Country Western Dance Vision Gold East Coast Swing Viennese Waltz. Exam Levels. West Coast Swing (Silver) Syllabus Login to rate video. Sale! Learn intermediate to advanced West Coast Swing with Toby & Harmony Munroe. East Coast Swing (Silver) Syllabus by Ron Montez Login to rate video. He introduced West Coast Swing and Cha Cha to the area, as well as the latest line dances from the most popular choreographers. Forward Line turn to Back line of Dance 5. Le EAST COAST SWING est une simplification du lindy hop par les écoles de danse dans les années 1940 car le lindy hop était trop compliqué pour les danseurs débutants. Left Side Catch, Cradle, & Roll Out 1. Syllabus B Two Step 1. This program will enhance your knowledge of the steps and technique while progressing from one skill level to the next in an organized and easy-to-learn fashion that is widely recognized. - November 6, 2013. Country-Western East Coast Swing Silver Syllabus quantity. Toby & Harmony Munroe. Patty Cake vine 4. Alternating Underarm Turns are a series of Underarm Turns to Left, where the man and lady each take turns passing under the arm. Optional Dances. We go triple step, triple step, rock step, pass by the left, triple step, rock step. Side Basic. Country-Western East Coast Swing Bronze Syllabus $ 49.00 $ 4.99. East Coast Swing. Figures consisting of 6-counts (or combinations of several 6-count groupings) are said to have "basic timing", while figures consisting of 8-counts (or combinations of several 8-count groupings) are said to have "Lindy timing". International Style Viennese Waltz. Sale! Progressive Basic DVIDA American Rhythm Silver Syllabus Figures Rumba Cha Cha Bolero East Coast Swing Silver I 1. Back Spot Turn with Quick Underarm Turn 3. The Dance Vision Syllabus covers the dance figures that embody the primary elements of the dance. In 1999, he decided to become a full-time touring line dance instructor. To Back Line of Dance 3. 2. International Latin. The Dance Vision Syllabus covers the dance figures that embody the primary elements of the dance. Approx. West Coast Swing - Bronze Syllabus quantity. East Coast Swing. Multiple videos are given for each step, when possible, … Be the first to review “East Coast Swing – Gold Syllabus” Cancel reply. Description ; Reviews (0) Description DVD Track List. East Coast Swing (Gold) Syllabus by Ron Montez Login to rate video. 2. This syllabus is associated with the following techniques: Key Elements East Coast Swing “Extreme Swing” – Styling & Technique Body Strength & Arm Awareness The American Style Congress 2012 East Coast Swing Technique & Practical Application Rhythm with Sveta Daly Sale! Learn how your comment data is processed. It shares its history with West Coast Swing as a dance evolving from Lindy Hop. Open Check 2. West Coast Swing dance lessons are offered at the Rockin’ Horse Dance Barn all the time. Cha Cha. 137 minutes. Demonstration of Figures 1 – 5. Alternating Underarm Turns 2. Description Reviews (0) Produced in 2001. Basics in Place. Produced by Dance Vision 2009. 11.On which step do you start the lead for most underarm turns in EAST COAST SWING?