Harry finds out he must die at the same time as the audience and from there it is a truly sad experience, as we edge closer to our hero's death. -When Remus died in the seventh book. Yes, RELATED: Harry Potter: 10 Things About Hermione The Movie's Deliberately Changed. The saddest death of the franchise based on just the moment alone, Sirius Black's death in The Order Of The Phoenix was a difficult one to take, for Harry and for the audience watching the beloved character die. Tears of joy, tears of excitement, tears of anticipation — whatever your feelings were, chances are that the new Harry Potter book would make you reach for the tissues, before you have even opened up the first page. Last week I posted my list of the ‘Top 15 Harry Potter Movie Moments’ in protest at the ITV’s stupid list of 50 best moments. The fact that those moments were few and far between should have given some indication that the series was not about Daria's love life." Nearly a decade after the Harry Potter movies ended in 2011, the story feels just as prescient in our own entirely different Muggle world. When Harry witnessed Mrs. Weasley tearfully trying to banish a boggart who kept appearing as her dead family members, we all felt for her. is heartbreaking, it makes the audience truly realize our hero is only seventeen and has been through so much, with more to come. Prince Harry Is Responsible for the Most Emotional Moment at the Royal Wedding. Albus Severus, you were named after.. “Albus Severus, you were named after two headmasters of Hogwarts. When Bellatrix murdered Sirius, Harry's hopes of leaving Privet Drive to live with his godfather and the closest thing to a parent he had ever known were crushed. When Harry and Ron find out that it's Ginny trapped in the chamber of secrets, you probably shed some I'm-so-scared tears. After all, the books have spawned one of the most successful (and popular) franchises of all time, with the book series having sold at least 500 million copies (‘Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone’ sold 120 million copies alone) and the eight blockbuster movies transitioning the magical world from fiction to reality. And even now, when you know that specific moment is coming as you reread your favorite HP book, am I right when I say that you still reach for the tissue box? Sign In; Don't have an account? The Top Seven Sad Moments from Harry Potter Movies. Harry refusing to use magic to bury Dobby is one of our most emotional, but favourite, moments. Something about him sitting in a room alone, staring at a reflection of what could have been, is absolutely heartbreaking to me. The Harry Potter books had their fair share of tearjerkers, but they made us cry with laughter too. This is a real grown-up moment for Harry, even if he's not nice about it. … Read on to discover the 79 best Harry Potter quotes of all time. RELATED: Harry Potter: The 10 Most Terrifying Moments. When Harry … RELATED: Harry Potter: 10 People Voldemort Manipulated In The Movies. So to celebrate July 31 — a.k.a. BuzzFeed Staff . Still... it'll always be there, on the shelf, waiting to be reread and rediscovered again and again. Snape had been doing everything to protect Lily and Harry the whole time, even seeming upset when it is revealed Harry needs to die as he is a Horcrux. The Harry Potter series' most contentious ship debates came from supporters of various potential pairings: Harry Potter and his close female friend Hermione Granger; Hermione ending up with Ron Weasley, close friend of both Harry and Hermione. The 10 Most Inspiring Harry Potter Moments From the sacrifice of Harry's parents to the courage of Dobby the Elf, we look at the 10 most inspiring moments in the Harry Potter series. Then, we all felt guilty when he was killed — especially since he was never supposed to be in that graveyard in the first place. Harry Potter Wiki. Harry asking Sirius if death hurts, as well as him asking them if they will stay with him with the beautiful and memorable response "until the very end." 1. Hedwig is so loved by both Harry and fans, but on top of that his death kicks off these two films in such a sad, somber way with a complete loss of innocence and an immediate sense of dread for the events about to unfold. Hundreds of people gather to honor a man who had an impact on so many, and the effect is heartbreaking. There are many moments throughout the series which have reduced fans to sadness and tears. Brace yourselves, 'Harry Potter' fans. One of the saddest Potter moments comes in the first film Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone which introduces the mirror of Erised, a magical device which according to Dumbledore reveals the deepest desire of those who look in it. In his determination to fight them, Harry discovers a talent for one of the most challenging pieces of defensive magic: the Patronus. We knew this was a book about wizards, but we somehow did not expect this ‘giant arrives on island’ narrative arc. ... A list of the most heartbreaking, emotional, tear jerking and saddest scenes in film history. 6. Menu. Harry looks down to see the fallen Lupin and Nymphadora holding hands, but the moment that hit hardest was the realization that Fred had died. We’ll make sure everyone’s out of your way. ‘Tonight will be an excellent time to do it. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Harry Potter Wiki. Let us observe a moment of silence for all the fallen in the Harry Potter series and a special one for Alan Rickman, who is with us no more. The Weasleys all clearly skipped Muggle Studies, and the Dursleys definitely have a no-wizards-welcome policy. It is heartbreaking knowing Harry's last father figure and honestly close friend has just died, as well as one of the most beloved characters in the series, it packs a serious emotional punch. Harry Potter is one of the defining story series of the modern age, a beautiful coming of age story that has already become one of the most famous fictional worlds on the planet.But that doesn't mean all of it is good. Harry isn’t worried because he drank his Felix Felicis potion. So those times their worlds collided are some of our favourite funny moments. They manage to fend her off but it’s a truly shocking moment, arguably the most-surprising part of the entire play. But the good news is, Harry and Hermione saved Buckbeak in the end (thanks to the time turner), so you — and Hagrid — didn't have to be sad for too long. 2. A Definitive List of the Most Magical Harry Potter Moments By Newsweek Special Edition On 10/15/16 at 12:10 PM EDT Harry and Voldemort square o ff one final time in Deathly Hallows Part 2. The Harry Potter series was ultimately a tale of the triumph of good over evil, but along the way there were plenty of moments that left us reaching for our box of tissues. He knew all the right things to say to Meghan Markle. Just because this happens in so many stories doesn’t make it any less painful, though, and it’s perhaps even more painful in Harry Potter because we love the characters so much. One of the most shocking moments of the Harry Potter franchise is the death of Albus Wulfric Percival Brian Dumbledore in The Half-Blood Prince. Titles appear in order. After all, it’s a classic tale of good versus evil, and that wouldn’t mean anything if the hero didn’t have to make sacrifices in order to reach his or her goal. T he Harry Potter series has no shortage of emotional — and often tear-jerking — moments. I bawled. Or a couple tears. The security around the castle is heightened due to the news that Voldemort is back. Tap to play or pause GIF TV Tokyo Grab some tissues — … Except the Dementors don’t just plunge Harry into despair. Harry Potter fandom. Wikis. I can confirm that there are plenty of emotional moments. Harry manages to win his first Triwizard task, defeating a fire-breathing Hungarian Horntail and stealing its treasure. The funniest Harry Potter moments. Snape loved Lily, the revelation and the scene are heartbreaking. While using the invisibility cloak, Harry finds the mirror and looks in it to see his mother and father appear. 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Rowling Made In The Sorcerer’s Stone Book, Disney Sidekicks, Ranked Least To Most Likely To Win The Hunger Games, There's No Need To Call Me Sir, Professor: 10 Shadiest Burns In Harry Potter, 10 Movies With Notoriously Extreme Shooting Locations, Disney's Moana: The Best Songs In The Movie, Ranked, Star Wars: 5 Reasons Why Kylo Ren Could Defeat Palpatine One-On-One (& 5 Why He'd Be Destroyed If He Tried), Disneyland: The 10 Best Limited Edition Pins, Ranked, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang & 9 Other Postmodern Noirs, 10 Classic French Crime Films To Watch If You Like Netflix's Lupin, DC: 5 Best Animated Original Movies Featuring Batman (& 5 Best Featuring Superman). 2. I was just thinking about this, for all seven books. In today’s post, we are sharing our favorite top ten most underrated moments from the Harry Potter series. This haunting moment in Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows - Part 1 sees Harry and Hermione apparate to Godric's Hollow, where they're shocked to find that it's Christmas Eve. Here’s our list of the moments that had us laughing out loud and rolling on the floor like we’d been hit with a Tickling Charm. The story wouldn’t be a good one, however, if there weren’t a few heartbreaking moments spotted throughout. No, this will simply cause a powerful infatuation or obsession. Amidst the magical and whimsical excitement of Harry discovering Hogwarts for the first time was a very emotional scene: Harry looking into the Mirror of Erised. One of the most somber moments of an immensely somber film, as Harry, Ron and Hermione walk into the Great Hall during The Deathly Hallows: Part 2 and witness all the dead and injured combatants of the battle, their friends and family. Quiz: Can You Remember These 22 Harry Potter Moments Most Fans Forgot? After the battle, Hermione restored their memories but for fans who did not know her fate nor did they know the charm was reversible it is sad watching Hermione, teary-eyed, wipe herself from her parents' memories. Being near a Dementor forces a person to relive their worst experiences, so it’s not surprising that Harry, who hears his parents’ dying moments every time one comes near him, is affected. In Harry Potter ’s case, there are many dynamic romantic relationships, both canonical and fan-driven. This moment symbolizes the true loss of innocence and the beginning of the end: Hedwig was one of Harry's first friends in the magical world, and his companion even at Privet Drive where he had no one else. This was the worst of all, because it meant the series was over. You’ll be able to tackle the monster all by yourself. But, the battle ends up leading to an Avada Kedavra unleashed by Bellatrix Lestrange whose victim was Harry's Godfather Sirius Black. Here are our five favourite moments from Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince: by Hannah Marder. Nope — it was when poor Amos Diggory saw his son's body. Published on Mar 29th 2019. Seeing Ron so upset and one of the best small roles throughout the film dead, and realizing the stakes of the battle are so high, it is a heartbreaking scene. Lockhart has to be one of the funniest and most arrogant wizards in Harry Potter. With that in mind, here are the 83 most gut-wrenching chapters in the "Harry Potter" series, happy, sad, mad and everything in between, ranked. Dobby is happy to be with his friend, Harry Potter." Have a listen. When Harry asks his father if those he has lost will stay with him, and his father replies, "Until the very end," don't TELL me you don't break down and ugly cry. 0. From deaths to more deaths to revelations coming from deaths, here are 10 moments in the Harry Potter movies which pull on fans' heartstrings. Published on Dec 28th 2015. In the list below, I’ve ranked and discussed the five most emotional and utterly heartbreaking moments in the Harry Potter series. While leaving Little Whinging, Harry and co. are ambushed by Death Eaters, when Harry and Hagrid are attacked by a particular Death Eater, Hedwig comes in for the save before being hit with the killing curse. Harry and Cedric reach it together and are transported to a graveyard where Peter Pettigrew murders Cedric. And clearly I was in the mood to cry because I've rounded up the best and most emotional responses from the thread for you all. She was terrified and just wanted to protect her family, and it was heartbreaking to see all of her greatest fears coming to life. A Supercut/compilation that showcases the most badass moments in the harry potter series starring Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint. 27. A huge part of the franchise is the emotion the fans feel when they watch the films. One of the most inspiring moments in Harry Potter is one that is only mentioned and never seen. Test your knowledge of the Harry Potter series of J.K. Rowling books and movies with this fun trivia quiz. The Harry Potter books have no shortage of moments that make you want to just hug the characters and tell them that it's okay, but what do you guys think are some of the most underrated parts that make you emotional. A roundup of the most poignant and moving lines from 'Harry Potter and the Cursed Child'. Despite seeming to be a good guy as he joins Harry on the tower where Draco has Dumbledore at wand-point, he goes up there and kills Dumbledore. women.com. I could make a post on Ron's faces alone. Sirius was not only a godfather but also a connection to his parents. OK, fine — it has made us break down bawling on more than one occasion. Everyone's favorite house-elf, Dobby, was a beloved character with a lot of meaning to both Harry and fans when he meets his heartbreaking end in The Deathly Hallows: Part 1. Amidst the magical and whimsical excitement of Harry discovering Hogwarts for … 64. Harry Potter’s loneliness weaves its way through the early movies. Harry Potter fans have had a love-hate relationship with the character ‘Neville Longbottom’. -The Graveyard scene in Goblet of Fire. From the emotional death of Albus Dumbledore to Professor Snape’s somewhat unsurprising turn to the dark side, Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince features some of the series’ most emotional, shocking and mature moments, as well as a few surprisingly uplifting and heartfelt scenes! Send your own owls using Harry Potter stationery and office supplies. But the real moment when the tears fall wasn't when Voldemort shouted "kill the spare." The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. The film follows Draco as he has been tasked with killing Dumbledore and Snape who claimed to do the deed should Malfoy be unable. The Harry Potter series is packed full of mind-blowing plot twists, hilarious one-liners, characters you love to hate, and some seriously, seriously, siriusly awkward moments … What are the saddest moments in the Harry Potter series? As Harry and Hermione make their way through the graveyard in Godric's Hollow, they see messages of support and encouragement for Harry from other wizards and witches. The film brought to life the amazing characters so many had grown attached to in Rowling’s books and gave us a glimpse for the first time of what it might be like if the Wizarding World and all its magical wonders were real. At the very end of the film when our heroes are at the Malfoy's, Dobby disapparates everyone to a beach, but not before Bellatrix Lestrange can throw a knife which kills Dobby. One of them was a Slytherin and he was probably the bravest man I ever knew.”-Harry Potter Share Share Tweet Email. Over two decades since Harry Potter was published, on Harry Potter's 40th birthday and J.K. Rowling's 55th birthday, take a look back at seven defining moments in Wizarding World history. One of the saddest moments of the series was actually in the very first book. The list covers material not included in the movies which should have been, moments that the filmmakers didn’t quite get right, and things which were downright unnatural. By Sara Sanderson Sep 21, 2019. I just loved Remus, he is my favorite character in the series. Aiden Mason 2 years ago. The memory itself gives a lot of information to the audience in a beautiful way, from Lily and Snape's friendship, then on to Snape's desperation to prevent Voldemort from killing her and pledging himself to Dumbledore. We’ve ranked every Potter movie from worst to best. During this emotional visit to Godric's Hollow, which is where Harry's parents lived and died, Harry visits his parents' grave and has an unforgettably emotional Christmas with Hermione.