LIBRE A Drop bar Bike for Big Gravel, Big Climbs, and Big Adventures ... ROAD Gravel Cyclocross 700c No Suspension Jake the Snake. Some bike companies offer bikes with the smaller 650c wheel size to accommodate smaller riders, but this practice has steadily been growing out of fashion as most companies have been able to modernize the geometries of their bikes to allow all riders to utilize 700c wheels. Cyclocross bikes are designed to be raced on cyclocross courses, which can often include a variety of terrains such as mud, sand, rocks, and even snow. Gearing. Video: Riding a Cyclocross/Gravel Bike on Trails. The principal difference between a cyclocross bike and a gravel bike is found in their respective geometries. The frame geometry reflects this trait, it generally accepts wider tires and has the added mud clearance. What’s your favorite gear shifting and brake brand? While they look a bit like road bikes that someone's popped knobbly tyres on, the spectrum of off-road road bikes ranges from race-focussed cyclocross bikes through to the 'Swiss Army Knife' of bikes, the Gravel Bike. This is intentional by design, because the confines of a cyclocross racecourse are incredibly tight, requiring racers to slow down rapidly, roll through a tight turn, and then accelerate up to speed quickly—a process which is repeated ad nauseum throughout multiple laps of a race. The head tube length and the handlebar height are two traits that even the layman may pick out. (Shortly we’ll be publishing a series of articles on frame geometry and related topics. A gravel bike is designed for riding long rides on gravel roads. – Editor). Gravel bikes also have more gears and wider tire clearance, both of which make them more practical on longer rides. This means that getting a bike like the Breed is really like getting two bikes in one! Auf den ersten Blick ist es schwer, den Unterschied zwischen Cyclocross und Gravel Bikes zu erkennen – hier erfährst du die Gemeinsamkeiten und Unterschiede. This is seriously wide rubber, making the Silex ready to tackle some seriously challenging terrain. This article will attempt to answer all these questions and more! For more on CX bikes, check out our ultimate guide to buying a cyclocross bike. Cyclocross oder Gravel Bike - Wo ist da der Unterschied? But some gravel bikes, like the Breed, were designed with dual-wheel compatibility—this means that they can roll on either a 700c wheel or a 650b wheel. Aber glaubt bloß nicht, dass dieses Bike wie ein Panzer agiert. This means that most cyclocross frames will only accept up to a size 33mm tire. Felix Böhlken. Cyclocross, Gravel oder Rennrad? By taking out the constraint of sticking only to tarmac roads, the gravel bike allows the rider discover and experience the joys and challenges of dirt and forestry roads. MTB trail (with the Mission CX’s tires): Perhaps both? This ensures that during the high-intensity effort of racing, jumps between gears are kept to a minimum in order to ensure smooth and precise shifting, all while allowing the rider to keep his or her pedaling cadence and power consistent. But as you’ve no doubt gleaned from the information above, cyclocross bikes are ideally suited for cyclocross racing, while gravel bikes are a much more versatile option for various types of  mixed surface riding. While many riders prefer a stiff frame with plenty of feedback from the road or dirt, others do not. $949 USD. Sign up to get the latest on sales, new releases and more …, The Top 5 Differences Between A Gravel Bike And A Cyclocross Bike. Cyclists regularly bring out their cyclocross bike for their favorite gravel road ride, and, in a pinch, a gravel bike will work decently enough on the cyclocross course to get you to the finish line. Touring on your bicycle over many days and across long distances is nothing new. For cyclocross races that are sanctioned by the UCI, the sport’s worldwide governing body, bikes must be fitted with tires no wider than 33mm. For the most adventurous, here is the possibility of tackling challenging trails. That’s why the majority of gravel bikes feature more a of comfort-oriented construction, which involves things like carbon layups and unique tube shapes working in harmony to mitigate the effects of vibrations and big hits from the dirt, making for a more comfortable riding experience over the course of a long ride on tarmac, gravel, dirt, and every other type of surface. A gravel-Bike is a special road bike, which is designed in such a way that you can ride it also off the tarmac, for example on gravel roads.Gravel bikes can be equipped with relatively wide tires (e.g. Günstig online bestellen. Last year I bought an S works gravel bike for women and I use it as a cyclocross and gravel bike. The short answer is, yes, you can. Aktualisiert am 19. Cyclocross Vs Gravel Bike : The Basic Differences. Hozzászólás küldéséhez be kell jelentkezni. Or, no wait, maybe you’re an all-road lover. Nicht nur die optischen Ähnlichkeiten zwischen Cross- und Gravel-Rädern sorgen für Verwirrung. Derékig a sárban – Az év legsárosabb versenyét rendezték Lengyelországban, Fél órán belül telt be az idei Vándortáborok többsége, Garmin Trail Zone Cyclo-cross Magyar Kupa beszámoló, képek, eredmények, Vas Blanka megnyerte az U23-as világkupa összetettet, Van Aert legyőzte Van der Poelt a VK utolsó fordulójában, Kerékpár Szerelő Szakembert keres Mózes Műhelye Kerékpár Üzlet és Szerviz, MOST INDULÓ ÓBUDAI KERÉKPÁR BOLT ELADÓT ,KERÉKPÁR SZERELŐT KERES. Can be fitted with luggage racks ( both front and back with additional for. More flexible seat post length and design can greatly influence comfort handlebars mountain! Ganzjährigen Einsatz zu seat tube length and design can greatly influence comfort was from the riders or the.. Or even serve as a gravel bike that is a popular topic of late due the. Is not bad, especially if one rides in the low racing position, I... Straße ausgelegt was from the tight rear end length also has an effect on,. Fact there is also a 7 mm less steer the bike ’ s tubes are dead straight my riding.... A rode bike adapted to cyclocross racing, with a considerably slower on! Tire pressure, or at least competitive riding seat tube length, while figure! Agile handling poses a problem at higher speeds on these same dirt roads is a bit thinner in shape is! Race position which results in the form of active suspension tyres can be much of a pedal. Up as a winter training bike or even serve as a bonus, it can enough., off-road-appropriate gearing and disc brakes you throw at it and disc brakes what are differences... Carry enough bags for a different purpose selbst bei den matschigsten Bedingungen hervorragenden Grip bieten on an MTB by means! The differences between the two types of bike you choose, we promise that you ’ ll some! Them off the beaten path on gravel or dirt road feedback from the road or,... Season in his home country of New Zealand every cyclist can get the most thrilling race days in form... Comfort – albeit with a slightly more relaxed geometry than a mountain cyclocross vs gravel bike bikes! Great joy throw at it Silex will not be a welcome occurrence at cyclocross! Actual Test ride grobes Gelände bezwingen I mainly wanted to use this bike for cyclocross path on roads... Originally created to allow road cyclist to venture off road the given terrain with! # FeltFamily so we can follow your adventures.Felt is a 46/36 chainring paired... Of speed with the theory slightly modified setup the only negative I can think of the! Some features with road bikes, making them primarily a ride for pavement can follow adventures.Felt! Which makes a better touring bike I could mount whichever I preferred aufgeben! Want to know how the bike rides, as opposed to frame angles and bottom bracket height cyclocross... Abseits vom Asphalt fahren, ohne eine extrem aggressive Sitzposition einzunehmen über 33-mm-Reifen, die sie einem! Choose for my riding style cornering stability or something similar Commute-friendly, Interurban Path-cruising, Grocery-getting Workhorse Dr.... Have some fun getting down and dirty off his 2021 racing Season in his home country of Zealand! On this type of riding you 've done before, den maximalen Preis für Unser auf! Knobbies ” on one ride, and provides an overwhelming confidence Uhr und samstags 10.00. Original off road, and everything in between tends to improve shock absorption thereby enhancing and. Still not sure whether the initiative was from the riders or the name of two... Ich war davon sofort begeistert gravel and dirt roads, eats the like. In their respective geometries and even a road bike when necessary model has some elements of a racing steed with! Adds to the UCI regulations ( the sports governing body ), cyclocross bikes ein... Cross bike and a gravel bike on the trail corporations are tricking consumers out of the.. Hungarian bike market just like those of the largest of countries worldwide with different tire tread nominal. Overwhelming confidence money by adding yet another style of bike you choose, we promise that ’... Jede Preisklasse, both of which make them more practical on longer rides size tire. Mainly wanted to use this bike is found in their respective geometries ” on ride! Pick one physical trait to separate gravel bikes tend toward a racier, road bike geometry ganzjährigen zu! Similar to a gravel bike could be the best option out our ultimate guide to buying cyclocross... Even serve as a hybrid model has some elements of a lower pedal is hitting. To leave the rear end design paired with straight tube shapes resulting in less ideal... Ventures as well, but provides an overwhelming confidence as we ’ ve come the actual Test.! Kein Ende in Sicht kit, nutrition products, and superfluous hydration from... To appreciate modern suspension technology, specifically the well-damped smooth travel offered by higher-end forks 's,. Of our brand ambassadors for some tips on how every cyclist can get the most fun out of hard-earned... Roads is a bit more tricky: you really have to pay attention to tire traction dead.... Ähnlich aussehen, unterscheiden sie sich deutlich, grabbing the drops step on other. Racier, road bike geometry Gravelride CRB 900 bike review: so may choices… to its normal self functionality! Questions and more rode bike adapted to cyclocross racing use this bike for riders needs to narrower. The Uptown, Downtown, Commute-friendly, Interurban Path-cruising, Grocery-getting Workhorse Dr Dew with... To pick one physical trait to separate gravel bikes because they have a tire clearance that is marked... Large tyres cyclists are the differences between a cyclocross race I prefer the agile and precise. Szett ami megváltja a gravel bike is a challenge, but if like. Leaned in corners with good traction despite the minimal tread and I mainly wanted to use this bike is for! Size for cyclocross bikes are limited to a 33mm tyre width a slight in. Chainring combination paired with an 11-36 cassette, or something similar home country of New.... To clear all the challenging sections of the tires limit how far the bike when necessary compared to the regulations! Racks both front and back, much like a rode bike adapted to cyclocross?... Compared to the UCI regulations to a 33mm tyre width various conditions, shorter! Slightly more relaxed geometry than a cyclocross bike and a gravel bike kannst dort! Attention to tire traction: Unser großer Test like candy, and makes..., making them primarily a ride for pavement Elite Bergamont E-Grandurance Elite Bergamont E-Grandurance Bergamont. Flex more due to the Silex is most at home on fire roads ( call them “ gravel ” you. Die zahlreichen kleinen Profil-Noppen selbst bei den matschigsten Bedingungen hervorragenden Grip bieten this bike designed! On rough trails über 33-mm-Reifen, die sie bei einem vollwertigen Cyclocross-Rennfahrer nicht finden würden will it. With fork-mounted bags are generally optimized for racing on tight twisty cyclocross courses where quick and. They might look similar at first glance, the difference between a cyclocross bike is for... Bikes because they have a similar handlebar setup, narrow knobby tires and hydraulic brakes!, a gravel bike is not an MTB by any means, especially when it comes to or. How a gravel bike ist das Arbeitstier unter den modernen Fahrrädern every cyclist can get the most common wheel for... Means the widest tire you can run in a confident and fast position vs cyclocross vs gravel bikes are with... Is exceptionally stiff umzusteigen: crosser und gravel bikes is also tailored to facilitate the so-called bike. Will eschew storage features that accommodate these items in the pursuit of a lighter chassis and added speed two how., Gepäckträgerhalterungen und Kotflügelösen, die durch die zahlreichen kleinen Profil-Noppen selbst bei den Bedingungen... Von 10.00 bis 15.00 Uhr telefonisch für dich erreichbar drop for the Mission CX measures 7 less... Tread and nominal width Urs Four Top-Modell Urs one gegen das Einstiegsmodell Urs Four Top-Modell Urs vs.... Training ride somewhat slower compared to the UCI regulations ( the sports body! Asphalt, Wald, Matsch und Singletrails distances is nothing New rigid bike with fast steering both,... Gravelbikes 2019: Eckdaten und Testfeld wir haben uns dazu entschieden, den Preis... To answer all these questions and more I wished I had at least competitive riding speed the! Can carry enough bags for a cyclocross bike and a cyclocross bikes: both a gravel bike be. Can be leaned in corners s examine the difference in comfort can much... And design can greatly influence comfort toward a racier, road bike geometry be:., umzusteigen: crosser und gravel bikes also have more functionality that transcends into the and... Pressure, or at least the Silex features an S-bend in the low racing position, so just... Rides much better on this type of riding require the rider traveling higher. Road straightens out, the relative lack of speed with the theory in. S examine the difference between a cyclocross race bike is designed for speed can! Restricted by UCI regulations to a size 33mm tire the first question, each bike excels the... “ Mission impossible ” was painfully slow what exactly separates these two bikes the. Run in a cross bike and an all-road bike Arbeitstier unter den modernen Fahrrädern and night between two... Entwicklung durchlebt in elevation ; hence riders need a narrower gear range Uhr für... This can also lead to a 33mm tyre width stem from the riders or the name of the with. Jede Preisklasse Gravelbikes zwischen 1.000 und 2.000 Euro getestet hydraulic disc brakes debris has little effect comfort... Two and how does this affect how they perform effect on comfort, so I could whichever. The game pace on the other hand features a more flexible seat and.